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Posted by Rachman Chavik on Wed, Apr 06 2011 23:04:00

I'll be needing a photo gallery plugin for a new project.  Thankfully, Croogo already has a photo gallery plugin by Edinei L. Cipriani. But the project needs a more 'flashy' transitions.  So, here's a demo with my updated version using nivo-slider featuring the beautiful Yvonne Strahovski.

Edit: I'm experimenting with Zurb's Foundation as a Croogo theme, and the gallery has been changed to use Orbit.


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Edinei L. Cipriani said on Apr 07, 2011
Thanks for mention.
Very nice plugin!
Rachman Chavik said on Apr 07, 2011

Still some issues with asset loading. I will send a pull request when they're fixed.

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