RIP - Dennis Ritchie

Posted by Rachman Chavik on Thu, Oct 13 2011 09:00:00

RIP: Dennis Ritchie

If there is any death that should be mourned in the month of October, it is that of Dennis Ritchie.  I doubt that he would want to be evangelized (like another passing that occurred recently), but your respects we ask for.  If you have an iPhone or an iPad, iMac or iPod, his work is there.  Much of it is just the way he left it.  The difference is, he actually invented it.

- Dean Howell

20 years of Linux

Posted by Rachman Chavik on Wed, Apr 13 2011 07:47:00

After watching this, I found myself reminiscing about my fond first brushes with Linux, incarnated as Slackware and Redhat a long long time ago, in a continent far far away.

If I recall correctly, this was the days that:

  1. Slackware install had around 12 floppy disks
  2. Fvwm95 was the coolest Window Manager
  3. Redhat was a new kid on the block
  4. You rant on usenet instead on twitter
  5. People hunt for goblins and orcs in MUDs instead of harvesting lands in Farmville

openSuSE 10.3 on top of Vista.

Posted by Rachman Chavik on Sun, Jan 27 2008 08:28:01

Want to run Linux without dual booting? Enter coLinux. coLinux is Cooperative Linux, a port of the Linux kernel enabling execution alongside other operating system.


Here's my experience about installation and use of openSuSE 10.3 with coLinux:


coLinux can be downloaded at

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